• Leanna Christina

Why shopping small has big benefits

With the economic downturn caused by lockdowns this year and pandemic-safe online shopping soaring, small businesses have suffered while huge conglomerates (you know their names) are accumulating disgustingly high profits, which don't in fact, as we so often seem to be told, "trickle down". There are a plethora of political and ethical issues associated with this, and we need to tread carefully when we decide to shop for short-term convenience at the expense of our planet and it's inhabitants.

Small and medium independent businesses, from your local shop and cafe to the small tech firm and beauty salon on the high street, make up 99% of business in the UK - with 96% of them being classified as micro-businesses that have 9 or less employees. These businesses are considered to be the backbone of a healthy economy, they drive growth, provide employment opportunities and open new markets. The reliance on consumerism for a country's health and stability is another issue that must be renegotiated as we reckon with our impact on this world, but in the meantime we still need to clothe and feed ourselves - so what's the best way to go about it responsibly today?

Choose local - the less your item has travelled, the lower its overall footprint. Shopping for locally grown and harvested produce will also support your local shop and food producers, and therefore your local community as a whole. One of the biggest benefits for you will be the fact that these local businesses can adapt to your community's needs in a way that larger chains cannot - like less plastic packaging

Choose small - even when shopping online, you can go directly to independent retailers and find items that don't need to travel as far to get to you. As the number of innovative small businesses increases, it creates more choice for us as consumers - and when these businesses thrive it encourages more creators, artists and entrepreneurs to emerge, which again perpetuates further diversity and affordability

Choose seasonal - when it comes to food and drink choosing seasonal comes in at the top of the list, it lowers the demand for produce that is flown in from other countries and creates more demand for local food production

And not too much - as much as we search for the most sustainable options available to us as individuals, on a whole we need to stop consuming as much we do. Evaluating each purchase before we commit to it and deciding what we deem as essential will likely lead to new, creative possibilities going forward

Our consumer choices do hold power, and its time for us to use this power to support what we believe in.